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The Caramel Conservative Podcast

The Caramel Conservative Podcast is a no holds barred, no B.S. take on the current events and politics in the United States with a great mixture of sarcasm and humor from a very right of center perspective tempered with common sense. In other words, it's "Real Talk By Real People".

The Caramel Conservative Podcast airs LIVE every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm CST where we talk about the latest current events with myself, Just Jen, and some unexpected guests. Your calls are always welcome at 920-376-9400 during the show.  


Ed Delgado, "The Caramel Conservative"


The host of The Caramel Conservative Podcast, Ed Delgado has long been interested in politics and giving his opinions on that subject matter and other current events of the day. Rarely is anything ever held back and all subject matter is fair game. Taken on with out of the box thinking, wit, humor, and a hint of sarcasm.

I'm The Kind of Guy Liberals Are Worried About. A Hispanic, Whiskey Drinking, Trash Talking, Hell Raising, Over Opinionated, Father, Husband, Patriot, Marine, Blogger, Prepper, Conservative, Red Blooded American Male, an All Around Funny Guy! In other words, I'm a Can O' Whoop Ass Personified! 


"Just" Jen


She is "Just" Jen of the House of Caramel

The First of Her Name

The Mother Of Common Sense

The Defender Of The Faith

Protector of Life

Slayer of Libtards

Breaker of Balls

Grower of Cilantro 

Drink of Mountain Dew

Bringer of Verbal Beat Downs

Harbinger of the Phrase "See, I told you"

The Maker of Lists


The Queen Of the "I Hate Mondays Club"