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The Mike Myers Show on The Radio Hope Network

There are only a handful of programs that are a must listen to and The Mike Myers Show on The Radio Hope Network is undoubtedly one of them.

The Mike Myers Show gives us a great insight in to Christian spiritual understanding combined with quirky humor, compassion, a down to earth approach that will have you coming back for more.

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The Huber Experience

It was once said to me that as Americans we do not value what we have. That immigrants take more pride in being Americans then natural born citizens.

John from OBFSU - The Belly's Blast proves what I was told to be correct.

Hard hitting. Provocative. Take No Prisoners. The Belly's Blast is 30 minutes of raw and unapologetic power that will give you the ammunition you need to put any liberal in their place.

Make sure to listening every Monday night at 8 pm CST on Spreaker, Website, Twitter


The Gary Russen Program

It is almost unfair to select just The Gary Russen Program from the many, many shows that Gary Russen is producing. 

Gary Russen is a man with a passion for all things radio and it show in his programs. 

From late breaking news, in depth analysis of the headlines, to educated opinion, Gary brings old school radio in to the 21st Century via  The Gary Russen Program.

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Friends Of The Show


Simone Nicole


Do you ever feel overwhelmed. Not sure what to do. In those cases it is often best to stop and take things in. Watch, Listen and Process.

Welcome to Simon Nicole. Join Joshua, every Wednesday night at 8 pm as he explore life, nature, healthy living, family, and everything under the sun to help you become at peace with not just with world around you but with yourself.

Make sure to listen in every Wednesday at 8 pm CST on BlogTalkRadio and check on the website SimoneNicole.Net



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The Huber Experience


Imagine if you will taking the dna of Howard Stern, Andrew "Dice" Clay, Mancow, and Rodney Dangerfield and combining that in to one person. Now imagine taking the filter off of that person. 

Welcome to the world of Bob "The Handiman" Huber and The Huber Experience.

The Huber Experience promises you "The Best 15 Minutes In Podcasting" each and every day giving you his take on the world around him with a no holds barred approach.

Once you've listened to The Huber Experience you will be able to consider yourself to have been "Experienced".

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Keeping It Real With Alex Garrett

Coming at you straight from the Heart of New York City is Keeping It Real with Alex Garrett.

Alex bring a level headed dose of common sense and conservationism that gives a unique insight on the news of the day that is sorely missed in today's political climate.

But make no mistake. Keeping It Real with Alex Garrett is no one trick pony. As a Champion for People with Disabilities, Alex brings lights to these topics in addition to his love of sports. 

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Lady To The Right

 Imagine what it is like to be a Conservative, Hispanic, Female, Millennial living in the heart of one of the  of the most liberals cities in America.

The Lady To The Right Podcast gives a look at just this with a common sense approach to Conservatism with a well thought conversational method. With her our unique brand of logic, reason, and snarkiness this is a podcast you'll want to get more of.

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The Wicked Pissah Show


What do you get when you take witty social commentary, a love for beers and whiskey, some topics that would make Larry Flint blush?

You get The Wicked Pissah Show!

From the odd stories of the day, the serious political commentary of what needs to be said that no one is willing to say, live on sight broadcasts, to subject matter that could be used for a 50 Shades sequel, The Wicked Pissah Show covers it all and brings everyone along for the ride with their live chat and call in's.

Listen once and you'll be back every week to join Bumpa, Byron, and Pattycakes on their weekly journey in to what is Pissah and what is Wicked Pissah!

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The Black Dog Radio Show


Make sure to check out The Black Dog Radio Show every Friday Night at 8pm CST!

Each week Richard "The Big Dog" Awe grabs the Podcasting World by its proverbial junk with a no non-sense brand of comedy and commentary as he is joined by whole host of folks you'll get to know as the Seven Deadly Sinners.

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